Director: Imtiaz Ali
Actors: Randeep Hooda, Alia Bhatt

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I used to be a strong believer that if a story is not strong, the movie will not be likable, be it anything. This film has certainly changed this perception. For all those (only story lovers) who hated or will hate this movie, seriously I’ll not be having any harsh feelings.

It’s a very slow paced movie but keeps you attached throughout especially in the first half. It flows like a calm river without much dialogues and will tie you with amazing direction by Imtiaz Ali. Background score is good and works well with the movie. Fewer songs are used and of course, AR Rehman’s great Patakha Guddi is one of them. The second half brings the film down as it becomes extra slow and starts haunting you. Thankfully it picks up suddenly, and after some hiccups fascinates in the end. You’ll feel a need, to watch the sky in silence without any disturbance.

There were many expectations from Alia Bhatt, and so effectively from start to end, the girl delivers a wonder performance. You start liking her from the start and she charms till the last scene. Randeep Hooda finally got a role to prove again, that he’s a good actor.

Experience how a zero story wonder, show marvels with strong acting and direction.


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