Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Director: Saket Chaudhary
Actors: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan

Rating: 1.5 / 5

As understood from the title that the movie is purely based on post-marital issues with a try to introduce a witty element for the viewers. Fun to see but definitely not fun to experience. Thematically this has been shown a numerous number of times and it’s very difficult to show something unique. Similar feeling propped in the start but it kept on showing some content just before you develop a feeling of dislike. At interval somehow, the movie survives although it gives a feeling of drag. The second half from starting to end confirms that this is the one dirty drag that haunts you till you have a headache. There’s no effort made on anything and it shows up on the screen throughout the second half. It’s easily one hour extra and I’d have been happier if it would have ended in the interval itself.

There’s nothing to blame the two brilliant lead actors because they had nothing special to do in this flick. They tried what best they can do and gave their best shot possible which is definitely not enough as far as this movie is concerned.

This was just the second film after Pyaar ke side effects for Saket Chaudhary and since he was also the writer, I’ll say he didn’t bank upon the opportunity. Riding on his previous version, he almost squandered the chance.

After a long time, Pritam disappointed with no chords connected with the script this time. Music was poor and added to the overall disappointment.

Overall, something was tried in the concept but with no results.



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