Director: Vikas Bahl
Actors: Kangana Ranaut, Rajkummar Rao

Rating: 4 / 5

My all nerves are shouting that this is one wonderful movie but I’ll hold myself to talk about both ups and downs. The movie gives a good earlier feeling but slows down immediately for around half an hour. A very typical Indian girl who honestly follows all the rules and values in the society and living a normal decent life suddenly gets a shock which moves her life. Luckily she takes a decision to travel as planned but the movie slowness remains. I’ll say it’s all justified to build a plot to deliver an awesome treat to the viewers. Kangana single-handedly manages to keep the film alive at that time. Film really takes off after the drinking scene in Paris and never seems to land thereafter.

Yes, the movie has content and enough material but what makes it moving is Kangana and only Kangana. I don’t know how many times I want to say that she acted fantastically but that’s because there was not even one moment when she kept any foot wrong. Lisa Hayden played a good part to assist Kangana for some time. The second half was a bit down but again it was Kangana who kept it continuously alive. The movie has few very good light moments with nice acting by some foreign actors. Rajkummar has a little role but not impressive or of any significance.

There’s one good Shadi ka music by Amit Trivedi that reminds of his earlier ones but still suits well with the movie. Oldie Hangama hogaya is the song that puts breadth into the whole movie theme, certainly a good choice.

Vikas Bahl yet again after Chillar Party brings forth a good and a sweet movie with his Direction that enhances the movie feel and acting. I’ll take nothing away from him, the way scenes are directed (or I should say Kangana is directed) and the way whole scenes are created is highly appreciable. He produces a smile to everyone’s face with his talent that includes story and screenplay.

Overall I’ll say Kangana is literally a current Queen of Bollywood and the superb female lead acting that she has delivered is seen after a long time, very long time.



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