Ragini MMS 2

Director: Bhushan Patel
Actors: Divya Dutta, Sunny Leone

Rating: 1 / 5

Ragini MMS first part was shown as a reality and this second part was an attempt to make a movie on this reality. What was tried and expected here was the story behind this haunted house, evils, and all those recurring horror themes. I often find these stories interesting even if they are above average like the ones in Vikram Bhatt movies. They at least make some sense as far as the horror logic is concerned. But this one was really atrocious. Neither anything was new nor interesting. Although not a type of movie in which one will cry waiting for the end but of a type in which one will keep on searching some content. The first half was a build up and leaves with some hope of an interesting story of haunted Patwardhan house. It looked that there are a lot of scopes to channelize on this concept and the second half will bring some excitement. But regrettably, it was full of foolishness and moreover the ending was absurd.

Divya Dutta was the only actor that looked doing some acting in this revenant plot. She was the only interesting thing in the movie apart from Sunny Leone not for her acting off-course. All other supporting actors including Sandhya Mridul were pathetic although Anita Hassandani was comparatively better.

Direction seemed copied from all other previous horror flicks where nothing new or firm was presented. Bhushan Patel has attempted this genre the second time after 1920 that was much better than this one. The improvement was expected from him but the reverse happened.

To start with, Meet Brothers’ Baby Doll kicked off the movie well. Although not much of music was used in the movie, it again ended with a kick by Honey Singh’s vodka song.

Overall a very dud flick with a revenant plot and below average acting.



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