Revolver Rani

Director: Sai Kabir
Actors: Kangana Ranaut, Piyush Mishra, Vir Das

Rating: 1.5 / 5

All expectations were high, off-course only because of Kangana’s marvelous acting in Queen. The movie was already in heart of most of the fans like me but definitely, there was a scare of this revolver flick being a dud. The movie starts with the introduction of few Chambal Dakus who irritated immensely with their poor acting and dialogues. It went like a low-grade comedy plot trying to make people laugh in foolishness. The story keeps on continuing without any meaning. Much unusual unique stuff was tried which was pleasant on very few occasions like news reading by a funny reporter and some comedy when Piyush Mishra takes on Vir Das aggressively in the second half. There were rare moments that made us thoughtful that the movie might pick up from here, otherwise it’s an effort that is seldom seen.

Kangana starts impressing in the casting photos itself even before her entry. She was the sole factor that makes you sit hoping for something good. Definitely, she manages to act well and no complaints as per as her effort is concerned. Piyush Mishra was yet again impressive as always and was responsible for some good moments. Vir Das was normal and could not showcase anything phenomenal.

Director Sai Kabir made all actors do something unique just for the sake of being different that didn’t go well. Also, he doesn’t have a good track record in writing that continues here.

Music was not pleasing and added to the misery.

Overall it was a forgetful movie with Kangana’s efforts in vain.



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