Hawaa Hawaai

Director: Amole Gupte
Actors: Partho Gupte, Saqib Saleem

Rating: 4 / 5

There must be a thought on everyone’s mind that Amole Gupte is coming up with another similar child story and nothing will be different thematically. Also that it would be just a go to sports flick. But hold on, Gupte has delivered a charismatic cinema here and proved yet again that child stories can be equally innovative every-time as adult stories can be. Right from the word go, this movie wins on all fronts. Apart from a child sports story, it shows the city dimension from street side poor children’s perspective. There’s a majestic selection of children roles, and the way they are used in the story is amazing. Solely they become the soul of the movie. Clubbed with entertaining one-liners, it’s much more to a sports competition. I’d rather say it’s an artistic brilliance, making a sports story just a medium of display.

Partho steals all hearts with his amazing acting, improving a lot from his earlier Stanley Ka Dabba. The way he delivers dialogs and gives expression is just phenomenal. All other supporting children were bang on in their roles. Every child showcased great talent. Not to forget Saqib Saleem who impressively does exactly what was expected from him.

The music alone can’t be judged here. The way it was blended with the superb lyrics creating a nice background wherever required in the story was amazing.

All the credits above, goes to the director Amole Gupte. I’ll give almost all credits to him the way he has formulated, directed and created this whole saga. I can just hope for another master class from him.

Overall a sheer class with all applauds for Amole Gupte.



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