Director: Sabir Khan
Actors: Prakash Raj, Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon

Rating: 1.5 / 5

The movie is based on a reserve Haryana family that has a very strict tradition of killing the couple if they do love marriage. The script is based on the similar lines with the inclusion of all heropanti possible within. Starts with a very low standard Haryana family acting and you get a feel if it’s really the movie you have come for. The story just goes and goes and Tiger’s entry is also not impressive. There’s almost nothing meaningful in the movie as the script goes by and it feels that movie just has been made to launch the first timers. There are no strong dialogues rather it’s full of silly panti. Off-course no brains were used but the sad part was that the few skills that Tiger has, those were also not used well in filming. All these things apart, something was there in the movie that masked the irritation and the second half ties you till the movie end somehow. The ending was albeit an unnecessary drag and it finished with same few standard dialogues used throughout the movie.

Tiger Shroff is known for his athletic skills and it was expected that the movie will have lots of breathtaking action scenes but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I think Tiger should work on his dialogues and use voice dubbing for some time to start with. I feel he should have started his career in a strong villain role. Kriti Sanon was not at all bad but nowhere any promising factor was seen. I would still believe in her that given a good chance, she might have the capabilities to sail through some respectable lengths. Prakash Raj had a strong important role and he was very well up for it. Be it emotional scenes or any aggressive scenes, his contribution was amazing.

Sabir Khan did a below average job in the direction. Although nothing great was expected from him but I would say he could have done little better. Movie flow was below standard for a majority of the time.

Music was the biggest hurdle but surprisingly the best part of the movie also. I think the most I enjoyed was only in the songs and nothing else except one small comedy scene by Sunil Grover.

Overall a sillypanti, with only a few traces of heropanti.



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