City Lights

Director: Hansal Mehta
Actors: Rajkummar Rao, Patralekha

Rating: 2 / 5

Movie paces itself very slowly by showing the reason why people vie to leave their state and visit dreamland Mumbai to earn money. It concentrated on how the fast city life fools the innocent families that come from slow backward villages. The slow paced story doesn’t make sense for the larger initial half. Till half time there’s nothing one can charm about but only a hope that something meaningful will connect soon and justify the initial line up. Film picks up on the entry of security bureau guy who helps in Rajkummar’s recruitment as his partner guard. It was this time when you stop relaxing at your seat and genuinely expect some thrill. Little bit unrealistic in it’s approach but emphasizes on the extent a person can go for his family. Although movie slows yet again and I’d say luckily the climax was something that makes up for all the slowness that prevailed. It also justifies somehow the initial 2 hours but still not strong enough to make the storywriter guilt free.

Rajkummar was good at his role but definitely not even close to amazing. Hansal Mehta brought out his amazing acting skills in their last venture Shahid but this was just normal. Patralekha was also decent but I’ll give maximum marks to the security bureau guard who was the best actor in this flick. He sealed all exciting movements. Hansal Mehta yet again did nothing exceptional but continued his befitting run.

Songs are completely ignorable although Jeet Ganguly puts a decent effort for this type of story.

Overall the movie made by pure heart but extremely slow to pull it over.



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