Director: Sajid Khan
Actors: Ram Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Saif Ali Khan

Rating: 0.5 / 5

When a movie crosses the expectations we often applaud. I’m in the same mood this time because this movie has surpassed my expectations of being a stupid comedy of Bollywood. It is not only stupid comedy but also one of the most stupid comedies of Hindi cinema. From starting to end one thing that you’ll ask for is just Disprin. Trying to use a comedy of errors concept by not two but three Humshakals and that too of three people may look interesting, but was goofed up completely because of no support from the script. A very substandard screenplay irritates and troubles more throughout its length. Ram Kapoor had one or two scenes that brought a little hiccup smile but still remains a part of a mindless comedy. The continuous trial of good comedy just gave silliness.

I’ll at least redeem all the actors from this sin. Ram Kapoor, Ritesh Acted really well and even other actors were not bad. They just did what best can be done but no acting can take this absurdness away.

I’ll say Sajid Khan as a director and screenplay writer tried a lot but the way comedy was intended, it’s hard to impress anyone. His sorts of humor even on its best can just deliver senselessness. Although Houseful series was bearable but this was surely a headache.

Music was poor and Himesh this time was unable to create raunchy numbers that he’s often good at.

Overall good acting but insanely bad script with no entertainment at all.



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