Bobby Jasoos

Director: Samar Shaikh
Actors: Vidya Balan, Ali Fazal, Arjan Bajwa

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Initial kick for the people to watch the film was only Vidya Balan, but when a viewer actually watches a film, it’s about everything. Luckily the production unit took care of this and came up with an interesting concept. The movie is based on Hyderabadi streets and the place is used in a best possible way. Hyderabadi style and accent are also used very nicely. The story beautifully evolves and develops in the first half with very good comedy punch lines to carry it forward. Everything just looks good and interesting enough but not extraordinary. The movie loses its sheen in the second half creating a want of a deserved good ending. Although I would say that the best what could’ve been done with this story was definitely done.

Coming to the star of the show Vidya Balan who is just so amazing in whatever is expected from her. Very few actors can deliver Nautanki acting in such a good way. Vidya yet again proved that she’s comfortable in any role and can remit it with perfection. Side actors were good and supported Vidya fairly especially the two guys including the cafe wallah.

This was Samar Shaikh’s first directorial venture although he was associated with many Yashraj films earlier as an art director. Best think about his direction was the way he uses and converts the streets of Hyderabad into an interesting story plot. It was certainly an honest effort from him if not amazing.

Shantanu Moitra has not really concentrated this time and just created the music for namesake. Although it’s a forgettable music and stops the story flow but it’s bearable and comes at a right time.

Overall an entertaining first half with all cast and crew doing best they can do with this story.



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