Director: Farhad, Sajid
Actors: Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Pardon me for keeping my expectations low because of obvious reasons but whenever a movie starts, viewer automatically comes to ground zero to get entertained. Entertainment had a good start with very interesting innovations on few comedy scenes. I’ll appreciate writers for their hard work, as just because of them, this movie was tolerable. Many hilarious dialogues were written with good effort and research. The sad part is that it didn’t stop the director from including silly things unnecessarily. It loses sheen very fast and gets trapped to standard foolishness. I don’t understand why this is done deliberately in these kinds of movies. I’d say it was stupid, but a little bit entertaining. The way film was executed; I’d like to see it as a series of drama episodes rather than a full-blown movie.

Actors didn’t have anything to do although everyone was decent in whatever was asked to do.

I’ll blame this completely on two debutant directors who didn’t bother to put effort on direction albeit the writing part was done in a better way. Farhad and Sajid are involved in the writing of such movies for a long time now. The direction is certainly not their cup of tea, at least at this point of time.

Sachin and Jigar were excellent in merging useless songs so well that they sounded good. Movie flow was already broken so songs couldn’t do that anyway. Despite that the music was above average and in fact gave some breathing space.

Overall it was a decent writing but horrible in other aspects.



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