Director: Renzil D’Silva
Actors: Randeep Hooda, Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Movie starts with a very strong theme accompanied by a good vibe that was created by the director right from the word go. Only thing one can hope was that it continues. Every time the scenes play with you by attracting your attention but eventually they keep fading away. Ideas are really nice and deserve appreciation. In fact the ideas and the way they have been implemented are the only highlight of the movie. Rest everything is not cinematographed in a good way that went against it becoming a very good product. At interval you are not very excited and the dramatic turn towards the second half makes it worse. I’m waiting when these type of movies will get over unnecessary emotional add-ons.

Acting is not the highlight but certainly an important part to bear all the negativities. Randeep Hooda stood best amongst all above average acting contributions. The way he has handled and executed his role is remarkable. Kangana Ranaut showed good body language and was impressive. Lot was expected from Emraan Hashmi but it was just another average performance by him.

Film certainly has good content and few scenes shot very nicely but still there’s something missing that’s unfortunately harsh on director. Renzil’s overall direction was not up to the mark but certainly it looked well in parts. I feel lot more hardwork might take him potentially to next level.

It’s taken care that songs don’t hamper the flow of the movie but one risk with Dance Basanti didn’t go well at all. Music in background is decent although didn’t connect well with the screenplay.

Overall, a movie with good content but below average execution.


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