Director: Rajkumar Hirani
Actors: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma

Rating: 3 / 5

Cruising on Raju Hirani’s formula and heavily forecasted as an entertainer, PK certainly has not disappointed. Problem lies in more than few places where you’ll really mourn that why the main essence is highly extended and deviated. It starts slow to build some trivial story but Aamir’s entry takes off the movie to a different level. Although looked like a used concept initially but throughout the first half Raju Hirani miraculously proves that he’s a pure comedy master. Everything was nailed with genuine laughs including awesome use of Bhojpuri accent. After a continuous flow of wonderful comedy and great content, second half pulls out the main entertaining crux from the movie. Use of god and religion were over protracted that keeps you waiting for revival of the good times.

Aamir Khan spectacularly performed the character that looked hard for an actor to make it unique. It was his movie completely with other actors just having a minor support to play. Although movie trailed in second half but Aamir’s performance was rock solid throughout.

Despite the fact that Raju Hirani’s directorial performance was good, he copied his success mantra from all his previous cults. It looked like a mixture that fortunately was presentable. It worked this time for Raju but next time repetitiveness might hurt albeit I can take the risk of saying that I’m confident Raju will excite us again.

Music was substandard and was restless at many places although presence of Aamir Khan made it watchable.

Overall, a terrific first half riding on tremendous performance by Aamir Khan that mourns you why second half was poor.


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