Director: Amit Sharma
Actors: Manoj Bajpayee, Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha

Rating: 1 / 5

When we think of thoughtless South Indian movie remakes, they make some sense when are coupled with big stars. At least they have a justification that from box office point of view they’ll generate revenue and will showcase star power. This meaningless flick was another senseless copy that lacked in all aspects. Neither the characters were developed well nor the story. Things that could have been shown in a 20 min episode were unnecessarily elongated to make a 2.5 hr movie. Although that episode also would have been unwatchable. Only a few starting Manoj Bajpayee scenes were decent but that’s not the redemption at all.

Arjun Kapoor tried to imitate Salman and Ajay movies but he or the producers have to understand that Arjun is not a person who can carry foolishness on his shoulders. Every person acted horribly and there was no support whatsoever as far as acting was concerned. Manoj Bajpayee didn’t have anything to act and that surprises me how he said yes to this one. Sonakshi was as bad as before and successfully ruined this movie as well.

Amit Sharma made his debut in movies and I’ll blame him for this damp squib. No effort was put and nothing was tried to make people act in a better way. Although there was absolutely no story to support him in any way which might get him some optimism to perform better next time.

Music was average and didn’t help the movie in any way. Although Shruti Haasan’s item song was very hot, it brought some coolness to the head.

Overall a complete disaster that fails in all aspects.



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