Ab tak Chhappan 2

Director: Ejaz Gulab
Actors: Nana Patekar, Gul Panag, Ashutosh Rana

Rating: 1 / 5

Already down on expectations, this movie was predicted to be a standard police story. Unfortunately, that was the case which led it to be an extremely bore flick. There’s nothing new or exciting. Almost throughout the story, I kept wondering why the movie was even made. Towards the end, it seemed that there was a little silly theme because of which movie was formulated. There was no sincere effort put at all in the development of the story. Its runtime is less but still it manages to irritate you throughout. Time is wasted by constantly showing people trying to kill Nana Patekar. A stupid suspense is shown at the end in a way that it’s very good. For these types of useless cop movies, Salman should be preferred instead of wasting Nana Patekar.

There was no scope of character acting or even some consequential acting in this movie. Nana Patekar was repetitive but still gives a good performance. Gul Panag looked good but again there was no chance for her to perform well. Ashutosh Rana was completely wasted and I will not blame him for that.

Debutant director Ejaz Gulab had no idea what he was doing. There was no sincere effort put to pick this movie up. Direction and editing were scattered all over the place.

Overall it’s an extreme bore flick not even for Nana Patekar fans.



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