Director: Navdeep Singh
Actors: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam

Rating: 2 / 5

Riding on not so convincing story, direction and acting were two things that were targeted to make this movie watchable. Similarly to Highway, plot was not the charm here but it was not able to give the charisma that Imtiaz Ali direction brought. Edge of the seat formula was tried but very few things seemed innovative or interesting. Most irritating part was that consistently throughout the movie, every situation was turning out to be negative. It reflected a very unrealistic and worst possible whereabouts for the characters.

Anushka Sharma was brilliant and was very much responsible for all positives that the movie echoed. The intensity and the variety of emotions that she bestowed throughout the sequences were breathtaking. Other supporting actors were also good.

Navdeep Singh came back after 8 years of direction drought after a brilliant Manorama six feet under. Despite of giving him few marks for this one, I’ll still say that the feeling he tried to develop was ineffective. Maybe the plot was just not right for his style or he should have done better to rise above all odds.

Music was rightly used sometimes but not compelling enough.

Overall, an intense thriller assisted by awesome Anushka Sharma but completely hollow from inside.


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