Margarita with a Straw

Director: Shonali Bose, Nilesh Maniyar
Actors: Kalki Koechlin, Revathy, Sayani Gupta

Rating: 2.5 / 5

The movie starts on a very light note with a standard case of a struggling differently abled person. It catches your heart in the first look but doesn’t continue to do so. Nothing great, new or refreshing as per the story line is concerned but the U.S.P. of the film lies in its simplicity. It is been crafted very well and the cinematography is extremely smooth and uncomplicated. The main focus of the movie flow was honesty and that was executed brilliantly. No compromises were made regarding whatever was planned to show and was demonstrated in a very subtle way.

Gradually and in a very elegant manner, the director portrays how the feelings of a disabled person are no different than any normal person. If storyline and direction are treated independently, definitely the direction is something to appreciate in this movie. It was a composed and a very well organized effort.

Keeping aside all the things, acting is something that actually ruled the show here. I’ll not say it had mind-boggling performances but every actor acted just above the required good level. Kalki Koechlin was very well in parts and more than acceptable throughout. Revathy did her job in a good standard way but Sayani Gupta was a charming surprise. An integral part of the story, she supported Kalki really well and was the main reason to push the movie standards up.

Background score was average although a strong one would have really helped the movie.

Overall, it was a simple and honest movie with good acting performances. A little bit of work on the story would have taken it to the next level.



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