Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Director: Kabir Khan
Actors: Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor

Rating: 3 / 5

Movie gave a right impression right from the word go. From starting, the cinematography and the movie flow was very soothing and never went out of stream. It’s really hard to believe that Salman’s movie will be based on content. Hence it takes time for a viewer and consistent effort from director to believe it. Fortunately, this movie does all. Kept its movie theme intact and didn’t fall into the trap of silly commercialization. Although crowd still goes mad when Sallu enters or shows his style. The movie had its limitations such as over extension of the story towards the end of second half, despite it maintained a decent pace.
Many scenes were over-engineered but the sentiments were always preserved in a correct way. It showed a good angle of Indo Pak love relationship without any foolish sentiments. 

Everyone delivered an average acting performance with Salman and Nawazuddin slightly above the rest. There were few good Pakistani scenes involving Nawaz in which he nailed most of it. Neither Salman showed his standard stupidity nor the movie tried to structure like that.

Quite experienced with Hindu-Muslim and Indo-Pak relationships, Kabir Khan made a good use of it. Direction was consistently good and effort was noticeable. He made sure movie doesn’t loose its plot and becomes lovable.

Music was avoidable and anyways made no impact either ways.

Overall, movie with good sentiments that never looses its plot.



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