Director: Imtiaz Ali
Actors: Ranbir Kapoor, Piyush Mishra, Deepika Padukone

Rating: 3 / 5

Movie trailer suggests a fun loving cliche love story but how can we forget it’s Imtiaz Ali. It’s a completely different plate in which the movie is served. Attempt is to mould a complex story into something understandable and yet present the theme that’s intended. Confused ? That’s exactly what you would be while watching the movie. It has a very slow but an interesting start. Slowness is maintained way too long till the interval. Although it gives a feeling that second half has a potential and should be good. Then the anticipation starts, that the movie will hit the right chords and luckily it does. Somewhere inside you something has been targeted. It’s just that you have to stick patiently with the movie and it’ll not disappoint you for sure.

Ranbir delivers a good performance but nothing beyond the expectations. Deepika is very average, her role itself is very average. Decent performance by other side actors but Piyush Mishra delivers a fantastic artistic performance in just 10 minutes of his role. His dialogues seals the movie theme with perfection.

Now this movie is a one man director army. Same Imtiaz style but the effort is so striking and noticeable. Whatever has been made, Imtiaz class is reflected all over. His writing abilities and thought process is amazing. Out of rating three, two goes just for Imtiaz.

There’s an awesome use of background score by the director. Thanks to the great A R Rehman for awesome tunes that steadies the movie and sticks the viewer throughout. Matargashti is awesome and blends as a perfect song for this movie that you’ll be humming for hours after seeing the movie.

Overall, a director’s class that needs patience. It’ll surely hit some chord, somewhere inside you.


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