Hate Story 3

Director: Vishal Pandya
Actors: Karan Singh Grover, Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan

Rating: 2 / 5

There’s an exciting movie tone that’s build up from starting. Although there were little expectations from the story, a good effort was made in producing a doubt in the viewer’s mind. But ultimately there was nothing much that can be appreciated. Things turned out to be very ordinary and cliché. One can say, it was a poor form of Abbas Mastan’s frequent twists. Riding on vulgarity, there was nothing on that front as well. Thanks to the censor board. Second half created a suspense, again to hold viewers. But nothing was pleasing enough.

I’m not a fan of Vishal Pandya because of his previous version of this series. But he has put a decent effort in making this movie bearable. Good story would have increased the direction value. 

Zarine Khan looked really hot but her acting was hugely burnt under it. She had a bad screen presence and dialogue delivery was worse. Sharman Joshi pulled this up well and proved that his talent can never be overshadowed no matter what are the conditions. Karan Singh Grover was the best of the lot. He really surprised with his amazing body language and more than a decent acting.

Songs were very out of place and not at all framed well. Although the music was good for ears.

Overall, a hate story like a poor version of Abbas Mastan’s twists where only Karan Singh Grover impressed.

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