Saala Khadoos

Director: Sudha Kongara
Actors: R Madhavan, Ritika Singh

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Recently we have seen so many sports’ movies. Mostly they revolve around underdog champions. This movie has nothing new, but still gives a good angle to women’s boxing. Has a good standard start where the coach develops the story, but the film keeps becoming slow. It picks up on various occasions, only to fall back again. Throughout, the viewers are left wanting for more. Nevertheless, it shows the true picture of sports in India, which is very disheartening. All of us know about the sports’ politics, but this phenomena always daunts us.

Madhavan gels with his character immediately. He consistently scores, but there’s not much help from others. Ritika Singh entered too much into her character, more than what was required. A little underplay would have really helped her.

Sudha Kongara tries well on her directorial debut, but there’s a lot more effort she needs to put. She was impressive, despite there was no masala to support.

Overall, a complete Madhavan Saga that has nothing much, other than feel good sports glory.



4 thoughts on “Saala Khadoos

    • Not really realistic. Would you say a girl winning the world championship directly without having any competitive experience at all is realistic. Nevertheless, no doubt it’s a decent cinema to watch.


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