Director: Abhishek Kapoor
Actors: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Tabu

Rating: 2 / 5

As soon as I realized it’s an Abhishek Kapoor’s film, my hopes raised. But the movie was worse than its trailer. It is very slow but has a calm flow. The focus is harshly on love story only and nothing else. In fact there isn’t anything else that’s thought of. It’s boringness often becomes killing. Second half tries to save it a little and hints some potential turner. However it boils down to the same uninteresting plate.

Abhishek Kapoor was a disappointment this time. I’ve stayed biased on him for so many years because of Rock On. His effortless performance is really disheartening. He was never able to bring the pieces together.

All the actors were below average and not worth mentioning. They were confused whether to act starry or be down to earth. There wasn’t even a scene where the acting could be appreciated.

Amit Trivedi’s soulful music was good sometimes but it lacked variety. May be he didn’t get a variety in the story line to perform inline.

Overall, a mere love story, that wasn’t garnished by anything else.



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