Director: Ram Madhvani
Actors: Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi

Rating: 3.5 / 5

It’s very hard to formulate the story of a one time braveness. This is because facts of that person’s life are unknown. Also there’s no series of public events that can be showcased. Keeping all this in mind, this movie was written and directed in an absolute perfect way. All emotions and life flows are aesthetically crafted. By this I mean that you’ll not even know that you’re wearing an expensive attire that looks so simple but is amazingly comfortable and refreshing.
I know I’ve gone somewhere else. This movie has taken me to a mode, where I don’t even want to review it but keep talking about it. The movie has such a good thoughtful start where the initial detailing is not boring at all. Editing is the certain usp where the efforts are worth an applaud.

Sonam Kapoor may be, was bearable for the first time. Right from the word go, she gives promising vibes. She has really put genuine and appreciative efforts all through.

Full marks to Madhvani. Whatever he had, he has used it in a best possible way to present a master piece as far as the unsung heroism is concerned. His detailing, hard work on every scene is simply marvelous. I hope he’ll keep up his hard work and direct more movies with the same enthusiasm.

Background score is good but it touches you very well because of the chiseled screen creations.

Overall, a directorial master piece as far as the creation of unsung heroism is concerned.



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