Jai Gangaajal

Director: Prakash Jha
Actors: Prakash Jha, Priyanka Chopra, Manav Kaul

Rating: 3 / 5

Film looks like a remake of Gangaajal instead of a sequel. Although it’s not a sequel technically, it absorbs a good amount of theme from the last version. The story is well scripted once again but not very gripping and exciting. I’d rather prefer to see Gangaajal again. But it gains a good pace towards the end of first half and bleakly manages to create its own identity.

It has been underplayed by all the actors and that is the best part of the movie. Prakash Jha was amazing from the start and maintained a perfect body language throughout. Priyanka Chopra was certainly above average and delivered a decent performance. Manav Kaul as the prime villain is also a good watch.

This movie remains a Prakash Jha show where he does everything from writing, acting and directing. This brings down the direction levels a little bit but still the goodness of the movie lies in the repeat of a wonderful direction.

There’s a good support of an enthralling background score.

Overall, a Prakash Jha show, where he manages an above average performance in all acting, writing, and direction.



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