Director: Sabir Khan
Actors: Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor

Rating: 2 / 5

Baaghi has a very average story and their intentions were very clear that they’re not making a great movie. With whatever objective it was executed, they almost made sure that that is accomplished. It’s a well-framed movie that keeps you connected at least till the first half. Guru-chela philosophy had a good potential here but wasn’t used much. It had a good feel good factor but the second half killed it all. It was only over lengthy fights and nothing else that pulled back a good movie to an average one.

It’s well directed by Sabir Khan that keeps you connected in the first half. But since there was no desire to do very good, it turned out to be just an average effort.

Tiger Shroff was the only good thing that was consistently impressive until the end. Again, there was no lack of efforts from his side and that’s appreciable. Shraddha Kapoor again faltered and she was no more than a sweet face.

Music was good. Was considerably included in between but was never a pain.

Overall, a good effort by Tiger Shroff where the movie was intended to be an average one.




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